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"No one mentions the strangeness of attraction– which can be as single-minded and overwhelming as the early days of a love affair– to a being so tiny, so dependent, so folded-in to itself– who is, and yet is not part of oneself."

Adrienne Rich, Of woman born.

México D.F. | 2016

With Emilia

Text: Liliana Álvarez



To Francisco

A Francisco

by  Leopoldo María Panero


With Facundo S. Torrieri &

Mini ( who got lost in the island | que se perdió en la isla). 

San Javier, Santa Fe

Argentina, 2012. 

Crows | Cuervos


Morelia, Mich. | México, D.F., 2013.


I Remember
On Joe Brainard

Me acuerdo

A propósito de Joe Brainard


Free version of Joe Brinard´s text

Versión libre del texto de Joe


México D.F. | @El día en que lloré 2014

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